Our body has to maintain balance for cells to function properly. The environment which the cell exists in is what needs to be maintained for inter-and-extracellular maintenance to occur.  Think about a farm. The farmers are peptides, and enzymes, which carry out responsibility to ensure the success of the crop/harvest (analogous to the cell’s health).  If the temperature outside is too cold, the farmers are not going to work as well as if they were warm, thus making the job more difficult and stressful.  This function occurs within our bodies consistently as the cells perform functions to ensure everything is working properly in your body as a system.

One of the environmental factors in our body is our pH level. pH stands for the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution.  Why can hydrogen Ions affect our bodies?  These Ions are very reactive and like to bind with anything that can accept their electron.  This molecular strength affects the structures around it like magnets sliding by each other.  In an excessively acid environment, some reactions happen more slowly, and healthy can be compromised.

Therefore, maintaining pH balance is very important, because if it was not regulated, it would lead to death.  In order to maintain itself, our bodies will buffer itself minimally, drawing upon their own resources to do so.  The body breaks down instead of building strength.

The body draws upon food for it’s energy, and the breakdown of this food can lead to acidic, or alkaline by-products.  Over-consumption of acid forming foods are culprits in creating a low (acidic) pH in our bodies.  Prolonged acidosis is believed to cause kidney stones, loss of bone-mass and lower growth hormone levels.  Most surprisingly, the increase of free-radicals stress the body and create a state which bad bacteria, and threats to our health can thrive.

Plants containing chlorophyll have the potential to reverse the acidosis within our body. In plants, chlorophyll converts sunlight energy into carbohydrate energy for the plant. Coincidentally, chlorophyll facilitates the production of red blood cells, giving athletes more available energy. In order to keep your body in the best shape and stress free, be mindful of your food consumption to ensure that you are balanced in your diet.

Alkaline foods

Fruits, Vegetables, Amaranth, Buckwheat, Millet, quinoa, wild rice, tea, vinegar, herbs, garlics, roots, most nuts and seeds.

Acidic foods

Beans, Lentils, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, Coffee, candy, sugar, dairy, meat, cereals, sweeteners, peanuts, soy protein.



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