Here’s what the clients, athletes, coaches, and teams who’ve worked with Morgan Flaharty have to say:

David Mitchell, Jiu Jitsu; Brownbelt. Provided with a conditioning program to augment my training leading up to World Championships.  David went on to win the World Championships in Absolute Division. 
  • “My base cardio has increased and ability to press the envelope. Improved mood and focus.”
  • “A very detailed, well thought out and supported program that offeDavid Mitchell World Champred variability and support to reach my goals.”
  • ” The biggest challenge was the commitment to adding an entire extra conditioning program to my schedule. I knew I needed help coming up with something that would yield results and hold me accountable, which he has provided and I am very satisfied with.”
  • “Absolutely, I look forward to it.” (Using Morgan’s programs again)
  • “Morgan is a great guy, he takes what he does seriously and adjusts and modifies for the individual. He customizes based off of the needs, goals, and ability level of the person involved. I have a great respect for the work he does and the positive impact it has on my conditioning.”



Nick Tarpley. 75KG All-American Greco-Roman Wrestler, Currently Overseas Training in Croatia.

Nick used a custom program to increase the muscle mass in his legs and successfully jumped weight classes from 66-75 KGl; a 20 pound increase in muscle.

  • International Nick“Morgan and I have been teammates at the OTC for several years. He has helped me with everything from my diet, to how to do a proper post workout cool down, to making me a full two month long strength program after my shoulder surgery. I had the US Open in 8 weeks and needed a lot of help to get my strength back. He gave me a lot of help. Extremely intelligent, very friendly, and a hard
    worker. He knows what he’s talking about.”




Aj. Administration. Weight loss.

  • “I noticed weight loss and muscle gain.”
  • “Morgan focused on upper body and lower body all in one session. He incorporated cardio with the session as well.”
  • Morgan is one of the best trainers I’ve ever trained with! My overall experience has been great! He is skilled, thoughtful and encouraging! I enjoy his attitude and personalityl I look forward to every training session with him. He has pushed me to limits I did not know I was able to obtain! I’ve been going to him for a few weeks now and I’m stronger, more flexible and healthier all thanks to him! His professionalism, extensive knowledge and commitment to his work and clients provides the best scenario for success! I highly recommend Morgan as a trainer, coach, nutritionist and friend! Thank you Morgan for everything!

“Hurricane” Heather Jo Clark. Pro MMA fighter, TUF and UFC Vet. Morgan helped me with my nutrition for the last couple camps. Including making the meals.Hurricane Weigh ins

  • “I felt strong for my workouts, and well recovered after. The weight was not an issue all camp, and I was eating yummy Vegan meals. My last fight was the easiest cut of my career!”
  • “He collaborated with Dr Andy Galpin to come up with the perfect way for me to loose weight in a healthy way, while not only maintaining strength and muscle but building it as well.”
  • “Moving from Vegetar
    ian to Vegan was a scary thing when it came to preparing for my last two fight camps. Morgan was by my side helping me find the right way and helping me come up with great recipes to get a huge variety of foods.”


Trudy, Masters and Open Tennis, Personal Training

  • “Morgan is a motivated trainer, who works to meet the needs of his clients. He is on time, and always has a plan for the day. He incorporates a variety of workout methods to keep it interesting and challenging. Morgan listens to the client and adjusts training sessions to fit the specific requests. Morgan is extremely knowledgeable about the body and exercise physiology and is able to explain why he trains the way he does. He is also able to offer diet recommendations to enhance the wellness process. Morgan is on an exciting journey of his own as he learns new methods of training for himself and his clients. I highly recommend Morgan for all your fitness needs.” 


Oliver S. International Events Coordinator, Personal Training

  • “First training session tonight. Mainly assessment but it was perfect. Morgan had us feeling at ease, confident we can do this and trusting in his skills. Exciting start…thanks Morgan”

Shelly S. Physical Therapist, Nutrition Program

  • “Morgan helped me plan a nutrition program based on macros around my current activity level and goals. He gave me a clear set of goals to reach and once I started following his recommendations, especially getting enough protein, my workouts got stronger, I didn’t feel tired all the time, and I’ve definitely noticed a change in my body. I’ve lost inches around my waist and am down a few pounds while still gaining/maintaining muscle. Great guy, very knowledgable, very passionate.”

Lauren H. Sales, Personal Training

  • “Morgan has proven extremely knowledgeable and helpful in my training so far. He is a great motivator without letting you slack off. He will hold you accountable which really helps me! So far he has been a huge asset in helping me on my track to get in better shape! I would highly recommend him as a trainer!”

Thias, Actor, Personal Training

  • I’ve had different personal training in the past. Whether for sports or as part of a rehabilitation program. I can safely say, Morgan ranks above the rest. My mom’s a personal trainer as well, though more specialized to certain training types, and she was agreeable to all of Morgan’s suggestions. She even cracked that is she were in town he sounds like he might be the guy she’d look up to train with.  Sadly, I haven’t been able to train with him as much as I’d hoped to at first. The opportunity that inspired my initial goal ended up lapsing, then health problems returned, and I started a new job. Needless to say, I haven’t been the poster child of “people you want to train.” Morgan’s literally phenomenal. With everything coming up, he’s been supportive and professional the whole time.  He knows that he’s talking about and as soon as I’m able to I intend on retuning. If you’re looking for exact, courteous, and thoughtful training – hit Morgan up. I can’t imagine a goal he wouldn’t be completely apt for.  Even if his quote is a few bucks higher than someone else’s, he’s worth it, guys. Do yourself a favor and pick him.”

Lily K,  SEO, Nutrition Program

  • “Morgan offers top rate services. I used his expertise for nutritional guidance but also came away with more confidence in evolving an exercise practice I will enjoy. He helped me a lot with realizing which elements of my nutritional program I need to focus on to help me build a healthier body and grow toward my goals. He is very personable and I found his encouragement to be genuinely supportive to me as an individual. You can tell he enjoys helping and especially inspiring people.”

Bryce H,  Professional Mixed Martial Artist

  • “My time with Morgan changed my life. It is clear that he not only took the time to customize a plan for me, but that he has a true understanding of body mechanics and how that effects the individual. My workout plan not only resulted in me losing the extra weight I could never lose on my own, but tone the rest of my muscles at the same time. I believe one of the most important traits of a personal trainer is their ability to motivate, and that is something Morgan excels at. I never looked forward to going the gym before I worked with Morgan. He created an in-depth, and easy to follow nutrition plan, that gave me actual physical results in a month’s time. He hasn’t only helped me become healthier and fitter, but has helped me live a more healthy lifestyle.”

Marcy, Personal Training

  • “I have spent this past week interviewing personal trainers. Morgan was the one who responded with great interest in me as a person not just “another client”. He responded back to my texts quickly and he took the time to talk with me over the phone and meet up with me in person. I have not had the privilege of working out with him yet (Next Friday)… But I have hired him to be my personal trainer. I feel Morgan practices what he preaches. I feel he is genuine and truly cares about my own personal progress. I feel I will not get a one program fits all deal with him. He truly puts the personal in personal training. He passed my text test! He was the only trainer that quickly responded back to me and advised me even before I hired him. I am excited to work with him. He gave me homework to do even before we get started. I know he is going to ” hold my hand” all the way to the finish line! I also know I am going to be challenged in ways I have never been challenged before! Morgan,Thank you for caring! The passion you have for physical fitness exudes from you! I can’t wait to get started! Blessings my friend!!!”

Chuck F. Student, Graphic Designer, Personal Training

  • “Morgan is an excellent trainer. Highly qualified, knowledgeable, and motivating! He’s also a friendly guy and easy to get along with. I’m more motivated than ever to achieve my fitness goals! I’d definitely recommend him.”

Joesph B. Personal Training

  • “Morgan had a very well out together program that helped me lose 10 pounds in two weeks. It was very simple! Glad I chose Morgan”

Justin Woo, Powerlifter, Consultation

  • “Morgan has been very thorough and helpful in his answers and explanation of my questions. He seemed very knowledgeable and experiences in many areas, including weight loss, nutrition, muscle gain and etc. He is one of the top people I go to if I have any questions about training, nutrition or anything related to fitness.”